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About Our Baths

Bathing Bliss: Discover the Perfect Bath for Your Home
Immerse yourself in the ultimate bathing experience with our curated collection of baths, designed to transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis. Whether you're seeking a sleek, modern aesthetic or a touch of classic elegance, our diverse range of baths caters to every taste and style.


Unwind in Style with a Variety of Bath Shapes and Sizes
Our collection encompasses a wide array of bath shapes and sizes to suit your unique bathroom layout and preferences. From compact corner baths that maximize space to expansive double-ended baths perfect for sharing, we have the ideal bath to complement your bathroom.


Discover Baths Crafted from Durable and Stylish Materials
Our baths are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials that ensure both durability and style. Choose from baths made from gleaming acrylic, offering a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, or opt for the warmth and timeless appeal of cast iron baths.


Enhance Your Bath with a Range of Accessories
Complete your bathing experience with our selection of stylish and functional bath accessories. Our panels and waste combos provide a seamless finish, while our bathscreens add a touch of elegance and prevent water splashes.


Explore Our Featured Bath Models
Among our extensive collection, here are a few of our most popular bath models:

  • Verve 6mm Curved Bathscreen: This sleek and stylish bathscreen adds a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom. Its curved design provides a spacious and inviting bathing area.

  • Sandringham Bath 170x70 White 2th Hg: This classic rectangular bath offers ample space for comfortable bathing. Its high-quality acrylic construction ensures durability and easy maintenance.

  • Strata 1500x700mm Single Ended Steel Bath: This compact and versatile bath is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Its single-ended design provides ample legroom and a comfortable bathing experience.


Transform Your Bathroom into a Retreat
With our extensive selection of baths and accessories, you can create the perfect bathing retreat in your own home. Let the warm embrace of water soothe your senses and unwind from the day's stresses.