Colourtrend's dedicated and skilled chemists formulate high performance paint using only the best quality acrylic resin, making our paint apply smoother, last longer and withstand the wiping away of household stains. Our exclusive pigments give a greater subtlety of shading and a richer depth of colour, giving you high performance paint in colours you’ll love living with.

Interior Matt
Colourtrend Interior Matt is a premium quality, low odour, water-based emulsion for interior walls and ceilings. It dries to a beautiful, smooth matt finish that is fully wipeable and formulated to help conceal surface imperfections.

Soft Sheen
Colourtrend's carefully crafted Soft Sheen paint so we could offer you a chic, illuminating coat for interior walls and ceilings that is also super hard-wearing and highly practical. A premium quality, low odour emulsion with high acrylic content, it is perfect for painting anywhere in your home. It is renowned for being the best paint to use in kitchens and bathrooms, where an exceptionally durable and washable finish is required. It is also fantastic for high-traffic areas, such as hallways.

Ceramic Matt
Colourtrend's passion for paint has resulted in the creation of Colourtrend Ceramic Matt—a style of paint that gives you a finish that is classically beautiful and naturally tough. By adding ceramic microsphere technology to our acrylic matt base product, we have created Ireland’s No. 1 toughest paint. Colourtrend Ceramic Matt dries to a flat matt finish that is silky smooth, yet gives superior stain resistance and allows for most stains to be washed away with just soap and water. Its matt finish gives minimal light reflection, which helps hide wall imperfections and gives colour richness and depth. Best of all, you can use any colour in any room, right throughout your home.

Our Colourtrend Trim product range offers a water-based alternative to traditional, strong-smelling, solvent-based enamel paint finishes, making it kinder to you and your family, the painter and the environment. Advances in alkyd resin technology have allowed us to create a range of incredibly quick-drying, low-odour, easy-to-use trim finishes. Colourtrend Trim products retain all the benefits of traditional solvent coatings, including excellent flow and levelling, as well as a hard-wearing and easy-to-clean finish.

Colourtrend Gloss
Colourtrend Gloss is a waterbased alkyd for interior or exterior wood and metal, with virtually no odour. A superb high-gloss paint with an exceptionally hard-wearing finish, it is ideal for garage doors or front doors where a high-sheen finish looks great.

Colourtrend Satin
Colourtrend Satin is a waterbased alkyd for interior wood and metal, with virtually no odour. A popular lower sheen paint that delivers a tough, easy-to-clean finish, it is perfect for interior woodwork, skirting boards and doors.

Colourtrend Eggshell
Colourtrend Eggshell is a low odour, waterbased alkyd emulsion that has a beautifully discreet low sheen finish, giving interior wood and metal work a profound richness.

Colourtrend Undercoat
Colourtrend Undercoat is recommended for use with Colourtrend Gloss, Satin and Eggshell.


To complement their long-life exterior masonry paint, the Colourtrend Weather range has a suite of products to help prepare and protect your exterior surfaces and to keep them looking better for longer.

Colourtrend Weather Exterior Masonry Paint
Colourtrend Weather Exterior Masonry Paint is a pure acrylic premium quality paint that has been specially formulated to meet the demands of Irish weather, both good and bad, to give your home’s exterior longevity. Colourtrend Weather is mould and mildew resistant, has excellent spread and coverage, is easy to clean and resists dirt pick-up. The following are also available in the Colourtrend Weather range of finishes.

Weather Roof Coat
Colourtrend Roof Coat is a high-performance coating for the refurbishment of old, structurally sound, discoloured roofs. It can be used on concrete roofs, concrete roof tiles, as well as sheeting. Colourtrend Roof Coat is extremely hard-wearing and specially formulated to withstand the extremes of Irish weather. Available in three natural colours: Black, Slate Grey and Turf Brown.

Weather Stabilising Primer
Colourtrend Stabilising Primer has been specially formulated to stabilise chalky substrates and bind powdery surfaces, making it an ideal primer for wall copings or windowsills. It is easy to over-coat, with excellent adhesion and works well on highly absorbent surfaces, such as pre-cast concrete. Colourtrend Stabilising Primer is the primer that must be used with Colourtrend Roof Coat where instructed.

Weather Pliocoat
Colourtrend Pliocoat contains Hydro Pliolite® resin, giving excellent adhesion and durability to your paint finish, along with outstanding water resistance. It is ideal for pre-cast surfaces such as windowsills or wall cappings. It provides excellent protection for outdoor concrete surfaces and can be applied in temperatures as low as 5°C.